MPPT Solar Charge Controller

 Master Series MPPT Solar Charge Controller


1. Efficient MPPT controller algorithm, MPPT efficiency is not less than 99.5%, and the conversion efficiency of the whole machine is up to 98%.

2, charging method: third-order charging (constant current, constant voltage, floating charge), can effectively extend the life of the battery.

3, LOAD mode has normally open / normally off mode, light control mode, dual time control mode, light control - fixed time control mode.

4. Automatic identification of battery system voltage.

5, customers can choose to charge 3 kinds of commonly used batteries (sealed lead-acid batteries, colloidal lead-acid batteries, open lead-acid batteries), and can be customized to charge other types of batteries.

6, with current-limiting charging function, when the user's battery board power is too large, the controller automatically maintains the charging power, the charging current will not exceed the rated value.

7. Support multi-machine parallel connection to achieve system power upgrade.

8, with high-definition LCD display function, you can view the device operating data and working status, and can support the modification of the controller display parameters.

9, RS485 communication, can provide communication protocols, to facilitate customer unified management and secondary development.

10, support the PC software monitoring, support WIFI module to expand the implementation of app cloud monitoring.

11. The products have passed CE, ROHS and FCC certifications; they can cooperate with customers to pass various certifications.

12, the normal warranty period of three years, can provide 3 to 10 years of extended warranty service.

Wiring Demo:


MASTER series 48BL-80A 48BL-100A 48BH-80A 96BH-50A
Product Category Controller type Controller with maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
MPPT efficiency ≥99.5%
System voltage auto recognition 48V 96V
Heat dissipation method Natural cooling
Input characteristics PV maximum open circuit voltage (VOC) DC150V DC300V
Start charging voltage point Higher than battery voltage 3V Higher than battery voltage 10V
Input low voltage protection point Higher than the current battery voltage 2V Higher than the current battery voltage 5V
Input overvoltage protection point DC150V DC300V
Solar panel rated input power 12V system 1040W 1300W
24V system 2080W 2600W
36V system 3120W 3900W
48V system 4160W 5200W 4160W
96V system 5200W
Charging characteristics Applicable battery type Sealed lead acid battery, colloidal lead acid battery, open lead acid battery (can also customize parameters for other types of battery charging)
Charging current 80A 100A 80A 50A
charging method Three stages: constant current (fast charge), constant voltage, floating charge
Load characteristics Load voltage Same battery voltage
Rated load current 80A 100A 80A 50A
Load control mode Normally open normally closed mode / dual time control mode / light control mode / light control - fixed time control mode
Display/communication Display method LCD128*64 dot matrix backlight display
communication method 8-pin RJ45 interface / RS485 / support host computer monitoring / support WIFI module expansion to achieve app cloud monitoring
Other attributes Protective function Input and output over-voltage protection, anti-reverse protection, etc.
Working temperature -20℃~+50℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+75℃
IP protection level IP43
Maximum wiring size 50mm2
Net weight (kg) 7.1
Gross weight (kg) 8.8
Product size (mm) 420*280*95
Packing size (mm) 510*368*210

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