Since 2009, LEVIS Intl is committed to provide PV moudules and solar solutions to our worldwide clients. With professonal expertise, rich experience and hard work, we have established a modern R&D and production base for PV Modules and related. Our supply range include MONO/POLY Modules, PWM/MPPT Controller, Off-grid/Grid-tied Inverter, batteries and etc.


LEVIS Intl spares no effort on technical developmment and quality control. Our solar modules are TUV/CE certified with 10-12 years production warranty and 25 years power performance guanrantee. Grid-tied inverters comes with standard 5 years warranty.


As an original supplier, we aim to provide highly reliable, efficient and affordable PV modules and complete solar power systems to the market.


Sincerely wishes to work with you hand in hand for more achievement in future.